Saturday, March 6, 2010

See the girl with the red dress on

Like the rudderless boat

What if it went the other way?

A poem by Catherine of Siena

Down to the river to wash

Sunday bloody mary

Semper fido

Lest there be any doubt

It cannot do your taxes

And thus goeth to God

Babies, stop your blabbering

The ultimate pronouncement

No one's allowed to say what it is

Beep beep yeah

My favorite of all my poems

The ocean sure is salty

The elusive spirit

Put a dollar in the cup

Everything must be worked out in advance

Lord send us loot

There are faces I remember

Beyond the limestone cave

Here comes the man in red shoes

I love my family

What there is out there

Especially for you

The face of a woman

After the end of the world

A catalog of suffering

Her real name was Helgi Michelson, a poet of Estonia

Amphibious liaison

A theology of mental illness

They really don't know

Daniele Finley (1984-2009)

Video by Jon & Renee Horsman

Roaming the underworld of ancient Arles

The greatest poem of them all

We all set out to find China

To get to the other side

Life is but a sneeze

The Apian Way

A true story

The patient's belief that he is not really blind

I wrote this in 1976, when I was immersed in the ideas of the Italian Futurists.

Options for the Heart that Has Been Broken

I wrote the notes for this piece in Twenty Nine Palms last week. It is an issue I have been struggling with for months -- which road to take. It is unresolved at this point.